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gameplay::PhysicsCollisionShape::Definition Struct Reference

#include <PhysicsCollisionShape.h>

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struct  BoxData
struct  CapsuleData
struct  SphereData

Public Member Functions

 Definition ()
 Definition (const Definition &definition)
Definitionoperator= (const Definition &definition)
 ~Definition ()
bool isEmpty () const

Detailed Description

Structure representing the definition of a collision shape, which is used during collision shape construction time.

Use the static methods on the PhysicsCollisionShape class to return

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


Constructs a new Definition that is a copy of the specified Definition.

definitionThe Definition to copy.


Member Function Documentation

Determines if this is an empty/undefined collision shape definition.

Definition& gameplay::PhysicsCollisionShape::Definition::operator= ( const Definition definition)

Assigns the specified Definition as the Definition.

definitionThe Definition to assign to the Definition.

Member Data Documentation

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