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gameplay::TerrainPatch Class Reference

#include <TerrainPatch.h>

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struct  Layer
struct  LayerCompare
struct  Level

Public Member Functions

unsigned int getMaterialCount () const
MaterialgetMaterial (int index=-1) const
const BoundingBoxgetBoundingBox (bool worldSpace) const
void cameraChanged (Camera *camera)

Static Public Member Functions

static std::string passCallback (Pass *pass, void *cookie)

Detailed Description

Defines a single patch for a Terrain.

Member Function Documentation

void gameplay::TerrainPatch::cameraChanged ( Camera camera) [virtual]
const BoundingBox& gameplay::TerrainPatch::getBoundingBox ( bool  worldSpace) const

Gets the local bounding box for this patch, at the base LOD level.

Material* gameplay::TerrainPatch::getMaterial ( int  index = -1) const

Gets the material for the specified level of detail index or -1 for the current level of detail based on the scene camera.

indexThe index for the level of detail to get the material for.

Gets the number of material for this patch for all level of details.

The number of material for this patch for all level of details.
static std::string gameplay::TerrainPatch::passCallback ( Pass pass,
void *  cookie 
) [static]

Internal use only.

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