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Public Member Functions
gameplay::Technique Class Reference

#include <Technique.h>

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gameplay::RenderState gameplay::Ref

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Public Member Functions

const char * getId () const
unsigned int getPassCount () const
PassgetPassByIndex (unsigned int index) const
PassgetPass (const char *id) const
void setNodeBinding (Node *node)

Detailed Description

Defines a technique for how an object to be rendered.

You should use techniques to support different sets of shader + definitions that will be all loaded when a material is loaded. You can then change the rendering technique at runtime without having to first load the shaders.

A technique has one or more passes for supporting multi pass rendering.

Member Function Documentation

const char* gameplay::Technique::getId ( ) const

Gets the id of this technique.

The Id of this technique.
Pass* gameplay::Technique::getPass ( const char *  id) const

Gets the pass with the specified id.

The pass at the specified id.
Pass* gameplay::Technique::getPassByIndex ( unsigned int  index) const

Gets the pass at the specified index.

The pass at the specified index.
unsigned int gameplay::Technique::getPassCount ( ) const

Gets the number of passes in this technique.

The number of passes in this technique.
void gameplay::Technique::setNodeBinding ( Node node) [virtual]
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Reimplemented from gameplay::RenderState.

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