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Public Member Functions
gameplay::PhysicsHingeConstraint Class Reference

#include <PhysicsHingeConstraint.h>

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Public Member Functions

void setLimits (float minAngle, float maxAngle, float bounciness=1.0f)

Detailed Description

Defines a hinge constraint between two rigid bodies (or one rigid body and the world) where movement is restricted to rotation about one axis.

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Member Function Documentation

void gameplay::PhysicsHingeConstraint::setLimits ( float  minAngle,
float  maxAngle,
float  bounciness = 1.0f 

Sets the limits (and optionally, some properties) for the hinge.

minAngleThe minimum angle for the hinge.
maxAngleThe maximum angle for the hinge.
bouncinessThe bounciness of the hinge (this is applied as a factor to the incoming velocity when a hinge limit is met in order to calculate the outgoing velocity-for example, 0.0 corresponds to no bounce and 1.0 corresponds to an outgoing velocity that is equal in magnitude to the incoming velocity).
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