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Public Member Functions
gameplay::MeshSkin Class Reference

#include <MeshSkin.h>

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Public Member Functions

const MatrixgetBindShape () const
void setBindShape (const float *matrix)
unsigned int getJointCount () const
JointgetJoint (unsigned int index) const
JointgetJoint (const char *id) const
JointgetRootJoint () const
void setRootJoint (Joint *joint)
int getJointIndex (Joint *joint) const
Vector4getMatrixPalette () const
unsigned int getMatrixPaletteSize () const
ModelgetModel () const
void transformChanged (Transform *transform, long cookie)

Detailed Description

Defines the skin for a mesh.

A skin is used to support skinning otherwise known as vertex blending. This allows for a Model's mesh to support a skeleton on joints that will influence the vertex position and which the joints can be animated.

Member Function Documentation

Returns the bind shape matrix.

The bind shape matrix.
Joint* gameplay::MeshSkin::getJoint ( unsigned int  index) const

Returns the joint at the given index.

indexThe index.
The joint.
Joint* gameplay::MeshSkin::getJoint ( const char *  id) const

Returns the joint with the given ID.

idThe ID of the joint to search for.
The joint, or NULL if not found.
unsigned int gameplay::MeshSkin::getJointCount ( ) const

Returns the number of joints in this MeshSkin.

int gameplay::MeshSkin::getJointIndex ( Joint joint) const

Returns the index of the specified joint in this MeshSkin.

The index of the joint in this MeshSkin, or -1 if the joint does not belong to this MeshSkin.

Returns the pointer to the Vector4 array for the purpose of binding to a shader.

The pointer to the matrix palette.

Returns the number of elements in the matrix palette array. Each element is a Vector4* that represents a row. Each matrix palette is represented by 3 rows of Vector4.

The matrix palette size.

Returns our parent Model.

Returns the root most joint for this MeshSkin.

The root joint.
void gameplay::MeshSkin::setBindShape ( const float *  matrix)

Sets the bind shape of this skin.

matrixAn array of 16 floats.

Sets the root joint for this MeshSkin.

The specified Joint must belong to the joint list for this MeshSkin.

jointThe root joint.
void gameplay::MeshSkin::transformChanged ( Transform transform,
long  cookie 
) [virtual]

Handles transform change events for joints.

Implements gameplay::Transform::Listener.

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