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Public Member Functions
gameplay::MeshPart Class Reference

#include <MeshPart.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ~MeshPart ()
unsigned int getMeshIndex () const
Mesh::PrimitiveType getPrimitiveType () const
unsigned int getIndexCount () const
Mesh::IndexFormat getIndexFormat () const
IndexBufferHandle getIndexBuffer () const
bool isDynamic () const
void setIndexData (const void *indexData, unsigned int indexStart, unsigned int indexCount)

Detailed Description

Defines a part of a mesh describing the way the mesh's vertices are connected together.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


Member Function Documentation

IndexBufferHandle gameplay::MeshPart::getIndexBuffer ( ) const

Returns a handle to the index buffer for the mesh part.

The index buffer object handle.
unsigned int gameplay::MeshPart::getIndexCount ( ) const

Gets the number of indices in the part.

The number of indices in the part.

Returns the format of the part indices.

The part index format.
unsigned int gameplay::MeshPart::getMeshIndex ( ) const

Gets the part index in mesh.

The part offset index.

Gets the type of primitive to define how the indices are connected.

The type of primitive.

Determines if the indices are dynamic.

true if the part is dynamic; false otherwise.
void gameplay::MeshPart::setIndexData ( const void *  indexData,
unsigned int  indexStart,
unsigned int  indexCount 

Sets the specified index data into the mapped index buffer.

indexDataThe index data to be set.
indexStartThe index to start from.
indexCountThe number of indices to be set.
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