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gameplay::Label Class Reference

#include <Label.h>

Inheritance diagram for gameplay::Label:
gameplay::Control gameplay::Ref gameplay::AnimationTarget gameplay::ScriptTarget gameplay::Button gameplay::Slider gameplay::TextBox gameplay::CheckBox gameplay::RadioButton

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Public Member Functions

const char * getTypeName () const
void setText (const char *text)
const char * getText ()
virtual void addListener (Control::Listener *listener, int eventFlags)

Static Public Member Functions

static Labelcreate (const char *id, Theme::Style *style=NULL)

Protected Member Functions

 Label ()
virtual ~Label ()
void initialize (const char *typeName, Theme::Style *style, Properties *properties)
void update (float elapsedTime)
void updateState (State state)
void updateBounds ()
void updateAbsoluteBounds (const Vector2 &offset)
virtual unsigned int drawText (Form *form, const Rectangle &clip)

Static Protected Member Functions

static Controlcreate (Theme::Style *style, Properties *properties)

Protected Attributes

std::string _text
Vector4 _textColor
Rectangle _textBounds

Detailed Description

Defines a label control.

This is capable of rendering text within its border.

See also:

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gameplay::Label::Label ( ) [protected]


virtual gameplay::Label::~Label ( ) [protected, virtual]


Member Function Documentation

virtual void gameplay::Label::addListener ( Control::Listener listener,
int  eventFlags 
) [virtual]

Add a listener to be notified of specific events affecting this control. Event types can be OR'ed together. E.g. To listen to touch-press and touch-release events, pass Control::Listener::TOUCH | Control::Listener::RELEASE as the second parameter.

listenerThe listener to add.
eventFlagsThe events to listen for.

Reimplemented from gameplay::Control.

Reimplemented in gameplay::Slider, gameplay::TextBox, gameplay::CheckBox, and gameplay::RadioButton.

static Label* gameplay::Label::create ( const char *  id,
Theme::Style style = NULL 
) [static]

Creates a new label.

idThe label id.
styleThe label style (optional).
The new label.

Reimplemented in gameplay::TextBox, gameplay::RadioButton, gameplay::Slider, gameplay::Button, and gameplay::CheckBox.

static Control* gameplay::Label::create ( Theme::Style style,
Properties properties 
) [static, protected]

Create a new label control.

styleThe control's custom style.
propertiesA properties object containing a definition of the label (optional).
The new label.

Reimplemented in gameplay::Slider, gameplay::TextBox, gameplay::RadioButton, gameplay::CheckBox, and gameplay::Button.

virtual unsigned int gameplay::Label::drawText ( Form form,
const Rectangle clip 
) [protected, virtual]
See also:

Reimplemented from gameplay::Control.

Reimplemented in gameplay::Slider, and gameplay::TextBox.

const char* gameplay::Label::getText ( )

Get the text displayed by this label.

The text displayed by this label.
const char* gameplay::Label::getTypeName ( ) const [virtual]

Extends ScriptTarget::getTypeName() to return the type name of this class.

Child controls should override this function to return the correct type name.

The type name of this class: "Label"
See also:

Reimplemented from gameplay::Control.

Reimplemented in gameplay::Button, gameplay::TextBox, gameplay::RadioButton, gameplay::Slider, and gameplay::CheckBox.

void gameplay::Label::initialize ( const char *  typeName,
Theme::Style style,
Properties properties 
) [protected, virtual]
void gameplay::Label::setText ( const char *  text)

Set the text for this label to display.

textThe text to display.
void gameplay::Label::update ( float  elapsedTime) [protected, virtual]
See also:

Reimplemented from gameplay::Control.

Reimplemented in gameplay::Slider.

void gameplay::Label::updateAbsoluteBounds ( const Vector2 offset) [protected, virtual]
See also:

Reimplemented from gameplay::Control.

Reimplemented in gameplay::RadioButton, and gameplay::CheckBox.

void gameplay::Label::updateBounds ( ) [protected, virtual]
void gameplay::Label::updateState ( State  state) [protected, virtual]

Member Data Documentation

The font being used to display the label.

std::string gameplay::Label::_text [protected]

The text displayed by this label.

The position and size of this control's text area, before clipping. Used for text alignment.

The text color being used to display the label.

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