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gameplay::Joint Class Reference

#include <Joint.h>

Inheritance diagram for gameplay::Joint:
gameplay::Node gameplay::Transform gameplay::Ref gameplay::AnimationTarget gameplay::ScriptTarget

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struct  SkinReference

Public Member Functions

Node::Type getType () const
ScenegetScene () const
const MatrixgetInverseBindPose () const

Protected Member Functions

 Joint (const char *id)
virtual ~Joint ()
virtual NodecloneSingleNode (NodeCloneContext &context) const
void setInverseBindPose (const Matrix &m)
void updateJointMatrix (const Matrix &bindShape, Vector4 *matrixPalette)
void transformChanged ()

Static Protected Member Functions

static Jointcreate (const char *id)

Detailed Description

Defines a joint node.

This represent a joint in a skeleton that is hierarchially part of a MeshSkin. This allows the vertices in the mesh to be blended and animated using the sum of the blend weight that must add up to 1.0.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gameplay::Joint::Joint ( const char *  id) [protected]


virtual gameplay::Joint::~Joint ( ) [protected, virtual]


Member Function Documentation

virtual Node* gameplay::Joint::cloneSingleNode ( NodeCloneContext context) const [protected, virtual]

Clones a single node and its data but not its children. This method returns a node pointer but actually creates a Joint.

contextThe clone context.
Pointer to the newly created joint.

Reimplemented from gameplay::Node.

static Joint* gameplay::Joint::create ( const char *  id) [static, protected]

Creates a new joint with the given id.

idID string.
Newly created joint.

Reimplemented from gameplay::Node.

Returns the inverse bind pose matrix for this joint.

Inverse bind pose matrix.
Scene* gameplay::Joint::getScene ( ) const [virtual]
See also:

Reimplemented from gameplay::Node.

Node::Type gameplay::Joint::getType ( ) const [virtual]
See also:

Reimplemented from gameplay::Node.

void gameplay::Joint::setInverseBindPose ( const Matrix m) [protected]

Sets the inverse bind pose matrix.

mMatrix representing the inverse bind pose for this Joint.
void gameplay::Joint::transformChanged ( ) [protected, virtual]

Called when this Joint's transform changes.

Reimplemented from gameplay::Node.

void gameplay::Joint::updateJointMatrix ( const Matrix bindShape,
Vector4 matrixPalette 
) [protected]

Updates the joint matrix.

bindShapeThe bind shape matrix.
matrixPaletteThe matrix palette to update.
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