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gameplay::FlowLayout Class Reference

#include <FlowLayout.h>

Inheritance diagram for gameplay::FlowLayout:
gameplay::Layout gameplay::Ref

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Public Member Functions

Layout::Type getType ()
int getHorizontalSpacing () const
int getVerticalSpacing () const
void setSpacing (int horizontalSpacing, int verticalSpacing)

Protected Member Functions

void update (const Container *container)

Protected Attributes

int _horizontalSpacing
int _verticalSpacing

Detailed Description

Defines a flow layout.

A flow layout arranges controls in order, left-to-right, row by row and wraps.

Member Function Documentation

Returns the horizontal spacing between controls in the layout.

The horizontal spacing between controls.

Get the type of this Layout.


Implements gameplay::Layout.

Returns the vertical spacing between controls in the layout.

The vertical spacing between controls.
void gameplay::FlowLayout::setSpacing ( int  horizontalSpacing,
int  verticalSpacing 

Sets the spacing to add between controls in the layout.

horizontalSpacingThe horizontal spacing between controls.
verticalSpacingThe vertical spacing between controls.
void gameplay::FlowLayout::update ( const Container container) [protected, virtual]

Update the controls contained by the specified container.

containerThe container to update.

Implements gameplay::Layout.

Member Data Documentation

Horizontal spacing between controls.

Vertical spacing between controls.

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