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gameplay::Drawable Class Reference

#include <Drawable.h>

Inheritance diagram for gameplay::Drawable:
gameplay::Form gameplay::Model gameplay::ParticleEmitter gameplay::Sprite gameplay::Terrain gameplay::Text gameplay::TileSet

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Public Member Functions

 Drawable ()
virtual ~Drawable ()
virtual unsigned int draw (bool wireframe=false)=0
NodegetNode () const

Protected Member Functions

virtual Drawableclone (NodeCloneContext &context)=0
virtual void setNode (Node *node)

Protected Attributes


Detailed Description

Defines a drawable object that can be attached to a Node.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


virtual gameplay::Drawable::~Drawable ( ) [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

virtual Drawable* gameplay::Drawable::clone ( NodeCloneContext context) [protected, pure virtual]

Clones the drawable and returns a new drawable.

contextThe clone context.
The newly created drawable.

Implemented in gameplay::Sprite, gameplay::Terrain, gameplay::Text, and gameplay::TileSet.

virtual unsigned int gameplay::Drawable::draw ( bool  wireframe = false) [pure virtual]

Draws the object.

wireframetrue if you want to request to draw the wireframe only.
The number of graphics draw calls required to draw the object.

Implemented in gameplay::ParticleEmitter, gameplay::Sprite, gameplay::Terrain, gameplay::Text, gameplay::TileSet, gameplay::Model, and gameplay::Form.

Gets the node this drawable is attached to.

The node this drawable is attached to.
virtual void gameplay::Drawable::setNode ( Node node) [protected, virtual]

Sets the node this drawable is attached to.

nodeThe node this drawable is attached to.

Reimplemented in gameplay::Terrain.

Member Data Documentation

Node this drawable is attached to.

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