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gameplay::Animation Class Reference

#include <Animation.h>

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class  Channel

Public Member Functions

const char * getId () const
unsigned long getDuration () const
void createClips (const char *url)
AnimationClipcreateClip (const char *id, unsigned long begin, unsigned long end)
AnimationClipgetClip (const char *clipId=NULL)
AnimationClipgetClip (unsigned int index) const
unsigned int getClipCount () const
void play (const char *clipId=NULL)
void stop (const char *clipId=NULL)
void pause (const char *clipId=NULL)
bool targets (AnimationTarget *target) const

Detailed Description

Defines a generic property animation.

To run an animation you must play an AnimationClip. Every Animation has the default clip which will run from begin-end time. You can create additional clips to run only parts of an animation and control various runtime characteristics, such as repeat count, etc.

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Member Function Documentation

AnimationClip* gameplay::Animation::createClip ( const char *  id,
unsigned long  begin,
unsigned long  end 

Creates an AnimationClip from the Animation.

idThe ID to the give the AnimationClip.
beginThe begin time (in milliseconds) or keyframe(for keyframe animations).
endThe end time (in milliseconds) or keyframe (for keyframe animations).
The newly created AnimationClip; NULL if an AnimationClip already exists with the same ID.
void gameplay::Animation::createClips ( const char *  url)

Creates an AnimationClip from the Properties object defined at the specified URL, where the URL is of the format "<file-path>.<extension>#<namespace-id>/<namespace-id>/.../<namespace-id>" (and "#<namespace-id>/<namespace-id>/.../<namespace-id>" is optional).

urlThe URL pointing to the Properties object containing the clip definitions.
AnimationClip* gameplay::Animation::getClip ( const char *  clipId = NULL)

Finds the AnimationClip with the specified name. If NULL, gets the default clip.

clipIdThe ID of the AnimationClip to get.
The AnimationClip with the specified ID; NULL if an AnimationClip with the given ID is not found.
AnimationClip* gameplay::Animation::getClip ( unsigned int  index) const

Returns the AnimationClip at the given index.

indexIndex of the clip to return.
unsigned int gameplay::Animation::getClipCount ( ) const

Returns the number of animation clips in this animation.

unsigned long gameplay::Animation::getDuration ( ) const

Gets the Animation's duration.

The Animation's duration (in milliseconds).
const char* gameplay::Animation::getId ( ) const

Gets the Animation's ID.

The Animation's ID.
void gameplay::Animation::pause ( const char *  clipId = NULL)

Pauses the AnimationClip with the specified name.

clipIdThe ID of the AnimationClip to pause. If NULL, pauses the default clip.
void gameplay::Animation::play ( const char *  clipId = NULL)

Plays the AnimationClip with the specified name.

clipIdThe ID of the AnimationClip to play. If NULL, plays the default clip.
void gameplay::Animation::stop ( const char *  clipId = NULL)

Stops the AnimationClip with the specified name.

clipIdThe ID of the AnimationClip to stop. If NULL, stops the default clip.

Returns true if this animation targets the given AnimationTarget.

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