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gameplay::AIState Class Reference

#include <AIState.h>

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class  Listener

Public Member Functions

const char * getId () const
void setListener (Listener *listener)

Static Public Member Functions

static AIStatecreate (const char *id)

Detailed Description

Defines a single state in an AIStateMachine.

An AIState encapsulates a state and unit of work within an AI state machine. Events can be programmed or scripted when the state is entered, exited and each frame/tick in its update event.

Member Function Documentation

static AIState* gameplay::AIState::create ( const char *  id) [static]

Creates a new AISTate.

idThe ID of the new AIState.
The new AIState.
const char* gameplay::AIState::getId ( ) const

Returns the ID of this state.

The state ID.

Sets a listener to dispatch state events to.

listenerListener to dispatch state events to, or NULL to disable event dispatching.
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